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BOOK SIGNING AZZEDINE, BRUCE, JOE with Bruce Weber et Joe McKenna

bookshop of the azzedine alaïa foundation

The friendship of Azzedine, Bruce, and Joe goes back to the early 1980’s, along with many stories and photographs found in this book. The collection of pictures is an homage to Azzedine made by friends that Azzedine admired and to whom he was very close.

Working together on many projects all over the world, whether backstage in Paris, in the famous Alaia kitchen, or on a beach in California, the bonds of mutual admiration kept growing over the years between these three men.

Some of the photographs in this book have been previously published in the book, Azzedine Alaia edited and published by Steidl in 1998, some were published in other publications, and some are newly discovered and unedited until now.

The book, conceived as a cherished project of Azzedine in 2017, is the story of time and friendship between three people who loved and admired each other. Few months after his death, Bruce and Joe dedicate it to this friendship and their abiding love for Azzedine.

booksigning AZZEDINE, BRUCE, JOE - video sylvie delpech