Deborah Turbeville Photocollage

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Timeless, evocative, and hauntingly beautiful photocollages in a retrospective monograph by a truly innovative image maker whose female gaze transformed fashion photography.

This new publication focuses on the area of Turbeville’s practice where her genius as an artist can be found: photocollage. In contrast to her contemporaries in fashion photography, she was deliberately playful with her images: xeroxing, cutting, scraping, and pinning prints together, writing in the margins and creating narrative sequences. Her work is located far from single, glossy images. It inhabits a liminal zone between art and commerce.

Built upon extensive research in the Deborah Turbeville archive, the work shown spans commercial and personal projects, with many images published for the first time. 

With texts by Vince Aletti, Anna Tellgren, and Felix Hoffmann, this book brings into the spotlight the ways in which Turbeville redefined fashion photography, moving away from the sexual provocation and stereotypes assigned by male photographers to an idea of femininity on her terms.

Published by : Thames & Hudson

Date of publication : 2023

30,5 cm x 26 cm
isbn : 978-0-500-02621-2
240 pages