azzedine alaïa, le prince des lignes

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« The Couturier who outlines the body, Azzedine Alaïa redefined the silhouette through an independant narrative, neither bound nor confined to any season. From his work emanates something singularly extreme, austerely erotic. No effects, no fioritura. He sculpts movements. Voices. The voices of all women, and chiefly, Arletty’s, “this mixture of the streets and the elegance of a queen”. The imprint of a rythm. “The tremor”, as he would say.

For Azzedine Alaïa, art obeys the quivering within. The most important thing is first and foremost “that it turn around the body, the profile, and the back”. From the neck to the emergence of the leg, he recomposes a majestic lesson on the body that he has chosen as his blank canvas, his painting in black.”

edited by Grasset

date of publication: : 16 october 2013

12 cm x 18 cm
isbn : 978-2-246-81055-1
160 pages

french language only