I am not a designer, I am a couturier. Azzedine Alaïa

Couture is at the heart of Azzedine Alaïa work. Working and reworking throughout his career, since the foundation of his Maison of Couture in 1964,  for over five decades his desire for perfectionism never left him. "I learn everyday, I am never satisfied, I know I can do better." Until the end of his life Azzedine Alaïa cut and sewed, pinned and fitted, and personally made his own patterns. Above all else it was the process of haute couture that he enjoyed the most and he continued to do Couture work not only for his devoted clientele but for his own pleasure of making unique pieces.

My dream would be to create a dress without having to keep an eye on the time it takes, and without having to worry about when it has to be ready, when it has to be shown. That is the dream!