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didier grumbach - mémoires de mode

une vie entre création et industrie

bookshop of the azzedine alaïa foundation

Since arriving in the fashion industry at just twenty years old in the mid-1950s, Didier Grumbach has participated in the great evolutions of his profession throughout his long career: the rise of couturier’s ready-to-wear collections, the globalization of fashion brands, and the emergence of new and innovative creators. Some of his most noteworthy achievements include Mendès, Saint Laurent rive gauche and Thierry Mugler.

Grumbach, who was constantly involved in a diverse array of projects, created and supported a number of organizations which succeeded in bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and creation, like Créatuers & Industriels in the 1970’s or Mode et Finance in the 2000’s. He also played a central role in forming the l’Institut français de la mode, the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival, and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la mode.

He describes himself as a man of his century. Despite having a childhood traumatized by war, Grumbach emerged into the fashion industry with a determination to continually push the boundaries of innovation. This work paints the portrait of a man of culture, impassioned by talent and its many forms, from fashion to contemporary art.