7 pm-9 pm

by invitation only

photography and fashion

azzedine alaïa foundation

ariane koizumi, duisburg 1985 ph. Peter Lindbergh

Initially an object of commission, fashion photography became impregnated with the artistic movements in vogue and the currents of the avant-garde thanks to the numerous collaborations of specialized magazines with photographers working in the field of art such as Edward Steichen and Man Ray. Little by little it has become an art form, allowing a real dialogue between the photographer's eye and the designer's message. The history of fashion is full of these artistic encounters between fashion designers and photographers: Richard Avedon and Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Newton or Peter Lindbergh and Azzedine Alaïa. 

Lindbergh and Alaïa found a shared territory where each man’s expression was a reflection of the other’s. Without words, the photographer and couturier came together in an affection for the dark, black tones that they both cultivated whether in gelatin silver prints or in monochrome clothing. Both attained this impression of a poetic realism that magnifies personalities while satisfying their creative ambition.

Born in Duisburg a German town close to the Dutch border, Peter Lindbergh trained at the School of Applied Arts in Krefeld. Lindbergh made a name for himself in Germany, especially via the magazine Stern, then set up his studio in Paris in the late 1970s. From his meeting with Azzedine Alaïa was born a unique complicity and images that magnify both their talents.

  • talk about photography and fashion with carla sozzani, emanuele coccia, paolo roversi, sarah moon ph. sylvie delpech

  • sarah moon, christian caujolle, bruce weber and olivier saillard ph. sylvie delpech

  • sarah moon, christian caujolle and bruce weber ph. sylvie delpech

Conference will be attended by Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi and by videoconference Bruce Weber, Christian Caujolle, Emanuele Coccia, Olivier Saillard, director of the Azzedine Alaïa Foundation, Carla Sozzani, président of the Azzedine Alaïa Foundation.

  • dilone, los angeles, 2016 ph. peter lindbergh

  • lindsey wixson, paris, 2013 ph. peter lindbergh