Azzedine Alaïa, couturier collectionneur

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The personal collection of Azzedine Alaïa relates not only the history of fashion, but also a history of craftsmanship.

Though he did collect pieces by well known and well documented couturiers such as Christian Dior and Cristóbal Balenciaga, the scope of the collection is surprising as it includes amongst his rare finds a great number of pieces by designers who have at times been forgotten or overlooked by fashion history.

The couturier’s presence is noted at almost all major fashion auctions. Alaïa simultaneously bid on a Lanvin cape and purchased a day dress by Carven in yellow and black cotton. His selection, as diverse in terms of style as in terms of technique and cut, would suggest that he was not so interested in creating a collection of fashion’s big names – a large part of the collection is composed of garments that do not bear a designer’s label – but rather in bringing together pieces that would collectively testify to the evolution of craftmanship and creativity throughout this century.

This exhibition is therefore a unique opportunity to explore the history of pieces that, after being rescued by Alaïa over many years, are now being shared with the public.

published by: Paris Musées

date of publication: 2023

23,1cm x 30,6cm
isbn : 978-2-7596-0558-3
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